About the Airship

The Airship is a science fiction story and first in a trilogy of planned letterpress graphic novels. In it, the author seeks to draw a literary analogy between the dichotomy of using modern day digital design tools to create works that are produced on vintage analog equipment. In this story, set in a fictional past, one of the characters is transported to another dimension in space and time. His attempts to communicate across this gulf are indecipherable without access to a smartphone. The reader must also bridge the gap from the era of the story and the equipment used to produce it in order to fully experience the book.

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The Airship's Blueprint

Poke around and explore the crown jewel of the State's Blaugas Brigade.

About the Artist

Todd Thyberg is the owner of Angel Bomb Design + Letterpress, a Minneapolis-based graphic design and letterpress studio. He first formed Angel Bomb in 1997 and added letterpress in 2007. When not creating work for clients, he makes limited edition art prints, greeting cards and even labels his own beer. In 2011 he received an MCBA / Jerome Foundation Book Arts Fellowship in order to create The Airship. This his first foray into bookmaking, though he already has plans brewing for several more.

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The Airship is available in two editions: a chapbook edition of between 250-300, (depending on final bindery work) and a hardbound, slipcased deluxe edition of 35. All books will be signed and numbered by the author. They will be available for purchase on November 2, starting at 10:00pm central standard time. To purchase, please click here.

Nov. 2 2012!

The Airship was hand printed on a Vandercook 219. Over the course of the project, over 22 full spread-sized photopolymer plates were made and nearly 10,000 impressions were pulled. Next to the press, Todd walked 10 miles, cranking the press by hand and slowly layering the ink to create this graphic novel. It was then scored, bound by hand and trimmed to size.